Sugar Skulls for Teenage Girls

"Betsy 9.16.85" 9"x12" Acrylic
"Rebecca 5.26.88" 9"x12" Acrylic

"Christine 9.16.90" 9"x12" Acrylic

RHHC 6th Annual Dia De Los Muertos art gallery will consist of 30 plus local artists and artists from the Chicago area. This one of a kind gallery will consist of artists creating various works that will pay homage to the Day of the Dead celebration which is celebrated in various Latin countries and some places in the States. 

Please join us
at our community Ofrenda Saturday November 1st, as we all light a candle of our own in remembrance for our loved ones whom have passed. This lighting will call to them as we celebrate the life they have lived and the memories we have shared. 
So join us...and so will they.

**For safety purposes, ONLY glass candles will be allowed to be places at the Ofrenda.


Sean Backus // Laura Becerra // Allison Blake // Bob Blosser // Kyle Brechon // Sara Briseno // Sarah Danielle Stewart // Jon Candiotta // Ritchie Hugo Cepeda // Jesus Correa // FoodStamp Davis // Kirk Dyreson // Katrina Brook Flores // Eric Fuertes // Ben Gifford // Joseph Goral // Peter Goral // Lisa Grey // Vyto Grybauskas // Javier Jimenez // Jeremy Klonicki // Pablo Korona // Greg Lang // Ryan Lape // Oscar Luna // Sara Margaret // Michelle Dorr Markunas // Mario Kayo Martinez // Rodrigo D Martinez // Jenny Mathews // Sarah McNamara // Dan Moorman // Peter Nguyen // Lisa Pauline // Dennis Quijano // Swek // Manny Tang // Emmanuel L White Eagle

This is a ONE day art gallery showing and is also the LAST one RHHC member Mario Kayo Martinez is organizing and curating.

The Gallery will be held at:
Threetwofive Studio

Saturday November 1st.

RHHC will be selling their limited Dia de los Muertos shirts for $15. All proceeds go to the RHHC. Your support is needed and appreciated.

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